Born as a response to combat the trend of fast fashion with modern brands putting profits before people and planet, we decided to conceptualise a sports brand that uses sustainable fabrics,adopts ethical manufacturing and gives back to the community

100% Australian owned and designed

The process

Made From Recycled Materials

The fabric we use is produced by our supplier Aquafil, in Italy, from a variety of pre and post consumer waste materials such as discarded fishing nets and carpet fibres.


Truly turing trash into treasure

spending over a year researching the most sustainable partners, we settled on Aquafil, no only because of the sustainability of their fabric, but the company’s commitment to sustainable environmental production

Andrew Abraham, Founder of ACTIVE APOSTLE

The Factory

Ethically manufactured in Bali

The fabric we purchase is sent to our factory in Bali where it is cut and sewn into their final pieces. The workers at our factory, from the cutters to the sewers, admin staff and everyone in between, all play a vital role in garment delivery. We pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our garment manufacturing with measures in place to ensure fair trade.

Meet Our Makers

Our commitment to you, our customer, is to maintain this level of transparency with all our supply
partners to ensure the end product is as sustainably sourced and produced as possible.

Vision and Mission

We’re more than just an activewear brand that makes well fitted and comfortable sweats for men and women though. We are a movement to inspire living a more active and sustainable life. From the clothes that we wear, to the food that we eat, and everything in between, we hope to empower a generation of ACTIVE APOSTLEs to rise up and be advocates of change. We truly believe that change starts with each individual and collectively our voice will be heard.Join us on our journey.

Our garments consist of a sustainable fabric made from ECONYL regenerated nylon.​​
Through our supply chain , we support the global movement toward fashion transparency.​
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Proceeds from all the garment sales, go toward the fight against human trafficking.​

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